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           The Graduate Program in Food Science and Technology (PPGCTA) of the Federal University of Paraíba (UFPB), Campus I, was created in the Masters level jointly with the National System for Graduate Programs (CAPES) in the year of 1978, being the pioneer in Graduate Studies and Research in the field of Food Sciences in the Northeastern region of Brazil. Subsequently, in 2004, PPGCTA approved, jointly with CAPES, the Doctoral Program, again outstanding as the first Doctoral Program in the Northeastern region of Brazil the in the field of Food Science. Currently, PPGCTA is governed by Resolution no. 15/2019 and is structured in three lines of research that express the specificity of knowledge production within the concentration area (Food Science and Technology). These lines correspond to the set of studies developed by the professors and students in various subjects. Line 1 is defined as Food Bioprocesses and Microbiology; line 2, defined as Science and Technology of Animal Products; line 3- entitled Science and Technology of Plant Products.

            Since its foundation, the Graduate Program (PPGCTA) has as its specific purpose to form qualified human resources in the Master and Doctoral level in the field of Food Science and Technology, trained to act in research, technological innovation, knowledge transference, and qualified assistance (planning, execution, and evaluation) in food science and technology of plant and animal products as well as in food microbiology and bioprocesses related to the production of ingredients or food considering the multidisciplinary feature of the field and its potential to contribute with the development of the Region and the country.

            The egresses of PPGCTA are educated with the technical-scientific profile to work on the field of Food Science and Technology with the competence for teaching, research, and industry. Considering such aspects, PPGCTA has been a strong source of human resources apt to work in the academic field as well as in the industrial sector.

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